20+ Warm-up Routines Available Online

Most intermediate to advanced horn players have at least some sort of warm-up routine.

While warm-up routines are great for maintaining and improving your playing, I find that periodically mixing things up can really highlight blind spots in your playing or help with certain repertoire demands that aren’t encountered on a daily basis.

While you can certainly find a large number of daily routines for sale by some great players, you can also find lots of stuff online.

If you’re searching for something new to add to your routine, James Boldin has put together what looks like a great resource of all the freely-available warm-up guides and resources over on his website.

You’ll find some stuff by well-known players like Julie Landsman, Tony Halstead, and Jeff Nelson (his was particularly interesting), and lots more (including my Horn Exercises page – thanks James!).

It’s a lot of information and can help anyone looking to expand or refine their warm-up routine.

Check it out at James Boldin’s web site.