Keep Your Face in Shape – Embouchure Health Thoughts

Embouchure health is something that is probably not talked about enough in most brass-playing groups.

While you’ll find hundreds of discussions on how to play high(er) or loud(er), or what mouthpiece is the best, you won’t necessarily find a lot of discussion on how best to manage the very sensitive muscles and tissue that brass players regularly submit to grueling punishment for hours a day.

After his great recording setup post I talked about a few weeks ago, James Boldin has done it again with a few common (and some uncommon) things to consider to keep your embouchure in good health.

While these things won’t necessarily make you a better player, knowing how to keep your embouchure in good shape can make you a more consistent player, and that’s just as important! I know I certainly learned some of these lessons the hard way – having a salty soup shortly before an important concert or recital is an experience I wish I could have avoided!

Check out James Boldin’s thoughts on his website.