Chamber music ensemble

The Beginnings of a New Chamber Ensemble

These days, chamber music comes in all sorts of ensemble sizes and instrumentation, but here’s one that I haven’t seen before.

Bonus: Finally, the horn is freed from the inanity of playing the upbeats in a waltz! Now if someone would go ahead and make a Sousa chair.

I hope composers (and instrument makers) are paying attention. It looks like there is now a whole new market segment for musical chairs (ZING!).

Don’t think this instrument(?) combination starts and ends with just background accompaniment, though. This duo of instruments is very capable of carrying the tune as well!

As an example, here’s another chair/horn duet – this time with Siegfried:

I don’t know if I should be impressed or concerned that the blend between the horn and chair in these two examples is somewhat better than the blending I’ve sometimes heard between horn players.