Horn Nerd: Case Edition


I’m sure that this takes my horn-nerdiness up to just about maximum, but of all the things on my horn equipment wish-list right now, probably the number one or two thing would be a horn case.

It’s not just any horn case, though, it’s a case made by Wiseman of London, and on the outside it looks quite small and almost briefcase-like:



How does the horn fit in such a tiny case? Like so:


They even advertise that the case is strong enough to sit on, can double as a horn stand once the horn is in use, and since it opens from the small, you can unpack the horn in a small, confined space. Neat. They even make a version of the case out of carbon fiber, which cuts the empty weight of the case almost in half – from about 8 pounds to 4.5.

The downside, as with many things that are this neat – the price. Since they are based in London, the £635 cost translates into almost $990. The carbon fiber is a little over double that cost, with the £1,300 price tag coming out to over $2,000. That means even the cheaper version of the case is between 1.5 and 2 Marcus Bonna cases, and even more than the already-overpriced (in my opinion, at least) Cardo Case.

Maybe if I just eat Ramen and peanut butter for the next couple of months…

EDIT: After years of drooling, I finally got this case! Here’s how it’s been working in practice.