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What to Expect at (Some) College Auditions

While this semester has generally gone better than last Spring, we’re far from out of the COVID woods yet. That means that students who are interested in going to college next year need to start thinking about their college application/auditions now.

With the variety of COVID measures in place, it’s difficult to know what to expect during their college audition process.

Fortunately, John Ericson, the horn professor at Arizona State University, has good article that covers how ASU is conducting auditions.

A Two-Part Audition

The short answer is that ASU auditions will have both a recorded and “live” (via Zoom) component. I think this is likely the best of all the options. It allows for the best quality recording/performance and the opportunity for the teacher and student to “interact” (somewhat) and make sure they can have a good working relationship.

If you’re looking into making an audition recording (for college or anything, really) John also gives some practical advice on things to consider when you’re making and preparing the recording.

College Alternative

If you’re not sure about next year, though, don’t feel like you must audition for college. Depending on your chosen musical path, you may have other options worth considering. With COVID affecting everyone, some of these options may be more practical now than ever before.

Read the whole thing on HornMatters.com.