Netflix Has It’s Own Test for Your Internet Connection

Earlier this week Netflix announced a new website to test your internet download speed that’s a bit simpler and easier to use (and ad-free) compared to some of the other speed test websites.

To try out the tool, simply go to (I wonder how expensive it was to get that URL), and the test begins automatically. When the grey numbers turn black, that’s your final result. Note that since upload speed is essentially irrelevant to Netflix, this connection test doesn’t measure that aspect of your internet connection at all.

This speed test uses Netflix’s servers, so it will show any difference in speed between data streamed from Netflix’s own servers, and using a more typical Internet speed test such as If you’re getting good download speeds on, but Netflix content is still grainy or buffering, may give you a hint as to why.

This speed test is different than the currently-available Netflix ISP Speed Index, since the Index measures average monthly speeds of actual Netflix streams during prime time hours, and this new website tests your individual network connection at a specific point in time.