USB-A to USB-C cable

MKBHD Video – USB-C Made Interesting?


This isn’t the first time that I’ve discussed USB-C on my blog, (see here, here, and here) but this may be the first time that someone has managed to make this tiny connector interesting!

If you don’t know about MKBHD but are a fan of tech, you really should check out his Youtube channel! MKBHD, or Marques Brownlee, does really impressive, high production videos on all sorts of tech topics – from smartphones, to laptops, to cameras, and even his new Tesla Model S P100 D “Apollo” (which has had its share of problems recently) – he covers just about everything with high-quality videos.

To ring in 2017, MKBHD decided to tackle one of my favorite subjects – USB-C connectors – in a video that makes them almost interesting and gives examples of some of the benefits to having a USB-C connector for your phone, tablet, and laptop. Here’s MKBHD’s take on USB-C:

Here are links to the products in this video:

And some of my favorite USB-C products that he didn’t mention:

  • Micro-USB to USB-C adapter – You’ve probably got a bunch of Micro-USB cables lying around, so why buy all new cables? These adapters let you keep using them with your USB-C devices!
  • USB-C Male to HDMI Female adapter – Easily mirror your computer or laptop to an external monitor or TV with this adapter.
  • USB-C 3-port hub with Ethernet – Expand your laptop’s regular USB ports (with USB 3.0 speeds – works great with hard drives!) and add hardwire internet access all in one small hub.
  • USB-C MicroSD card reader – If you need to expand the storage on your USB-C phone and have a lot of spare microSD cards laying around, this is the ticket! Simply transfer your files onto the microSD card, put the card in the reader, and plug the reader in your phone – voila!