Why UX Matters

One of the most underrated aspects of designing a website or an app is UX, or user experience design. Good or bad UX (and its close cousin, UI) can really make or break any sort of digital product.

UI (user interface) design focuses on making your app visually appealing and recognizable. UX is focused on making it work logically and in a predictable manner.

If you’re not sure exactly what “bad” UX looks like, take the next few minutes and check out User Inyerface. A website with intentionally bad UX, to show you just how frustrating the web can be.

This site consists of 4 pages of hilariously bad UX design. From pre-filled out text boxes to a maddening birthday slider, to a surprisingly tricky black-and-white flag picker for country selection, just about everything you shouldn’t do is here.

While I don’t want to ruin it too much (you really should see if you can make it through), just take a look at this CAPTCHA form:

Brilliantly awful

Even knowing all the web developer tricks, filling out the form before, and knowing what’s coming up, this was the best time I managed:

Real accomplishment!

If you’re looking at redesigning (or creating) a website, don’t forget to take your UX into account! And if you take the User Inyerface quiz, post your time!