Adapters Make USB C Transition (Mostly) Painless 2

If you’ve bought any sort of non-Apple smartphone or electronic device, you probably have a few (or a few hundred) Micro USB cables laying around. If you’re shopping for a new phone or other electronic device, you’ll notice that many use a new port – called USB Type-C – that is shaped differently than the old ports. But don’t run out and replace all your cables yet – USB C adapters will let you keep using your current cables and with these newer devices!

USB Type-C Adapters

To charge your USB Type-C phones with Micro USB charging cables, grab a few of these nifty Micro USB-to-Type-C adapters:

If you’re looking for a way to connect a full-size USB-A cable or plug into a USB-C port, this adapter is what you need:

If you purchases a Nexus 5X, or want to use a double-ended USB-C cable in a USB-A (full-size) charger, this adapter will let you do just that:

If, instead, you need to connect a USB-C cable to a Micro-USB device or charger, this is the adapter you need:

While these aren’t the only adapters that exist, these cover the most common needs of someone transitioning to USB-C devices. If there’s something I’ve missed or you’re looking for something different, leave a comment below and I’ll update this post!

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  • Kyle Newton

    I’m pretty excited about the USB-C paradigm shift. It was one of my primary decisions in picking up the new MacBook Pro’s. It’s really allowed me to simplify charging most of by devices. I’m not entirely over to USB-C just yet, but close. My Google Pixel XL is USB-C, so that’s a huge plus. I have an iPhone, but I am flipping it over to wireless charging. So, USB-C + Wireless Charging, I can live with that everywhere. I’ve also been able to dock the MacBook Pro w/ the Mult-AV Adapter to my home monitor and office monitor. Life is much easier. I’ve written about a few of the monitors too on my latest blog post –

    • Those USB-C monitors look nice. I didn’t realize that they made monitors that large that ran off of USB-C. Neat!