Great Web Resource for Brass Players

A few weeks ago stumbled across a website that looks like it’s an excellent resource for all brass players.

LastRowMusic contains an incredible amount of interesting material for all brass players. You’ve got the “traditional” information found on lots of brass websites: audition listings, studio listings, and famous excerpt for each specific instrument.

However, there are also some exciting things on LastRowMusic that I haven’t seen on other sites!

One of the most interesting may be the audition listings. Not only does this site have listings for upcoming and past auditions (like MusicalChairs and others), this site also shows winners for many of the recent auditions (at least from 2015 onward).

While the winner listings are far from complete, it’s interesting to browse through the list of winners. If you’ve been out of school or on the audition circuit for a while, you’ll probably see some names you recognize, and it’s also interesting to see how many of the auditions result in a no-hire.

In addition to orchestral job listings, there’s also a page dedicated to listing openings for college-level teaching positions for brass instruments. Like the orchestral job listings, there’s also another page showing the results of these openings.

There’s also a calendar of events of note in the brass world, with listings for specific concerts, brass workshops, and brass-focused competitions from all over the world. There’s a US-focus, but there are some events listed from other countries as well.

There’s also a section called the Brass Profiles Directory, which is a LinkedIn-style collection of brass players that sign up (and pay a small yearly fee) to be listed on the site. It’s a neat idea and certainly worth it if you have no web presence, but I think it would be much better in the long run to have your own website.

If you’re looking for another tremendous brass-focused online resource, make sure to add LastRowMusic to your RSS feeds!