New Web Resource for Horn Players

I’ve written several different articles based on blogs written by John Ericson (you can find a few here, here, and here but there are several others). To date, those have all been from his wonderful Horn Matters website, but today I’m writing a couple of things about his new website –

John first mentioned his new website in a HornMatters blog from last week. In that post, he talks about some of his considerations in deciding how to set up his new site that I though were worth mentioning:

  • John picked WordPress for his personal site. This is the platform that I prefer to work in with my web clients for several reasons. WordPress itself is free, you can customize it to an absurd degree, and since it’s simply a database and a bunch of PHP scripts, it’s portable! Squarespace/Wix/Weebly/etc. are not bad, but you can’t (easily) take your site anywhere else if you want additional features or to save money down the road. It does take a bit more maintenance to keep it safe, but I think that it’s worth it.
  • At the end of his post, he briefly mentions how important it is that everyone has a website. I’ve mentioned the same thing before, but it bears repeating for anyone who doesn’t (yet) have a website.

Regarding the actual content and layout of his site:

I’m looking forward to see what new content he puts up on the site in the coming months!

On a related tangent – if you’re wanting a website but don’t know how to get started, get in touch with me! While I do build sites professionally, if you want to do it yourself, I’m happy to help point you in the right direction!