practice focus
Practicing a musical instrument can be a frustrating experience. Lots of hours focused on just getting one or two small sections perfect, only to be faced with more the next day or week. However, practice isn’t just about focusing on small details and getting individual notes correct. At least part […]

Practice Recipe: 3 Parts Focus with 1 Part Distraction

A little while ago, Google introduced the ability to automatically delete some of the data that it knows about you. While that seems like Google turning over a new more privacy-focused leaf, it might not be quite as meaningful as it first appeared. The setting, which you can find on […]

Google Will Automatically Delete Your (Worthless) Data

Practice Slump
How to plan your practice is a topic that I’ve covered before, but there’s a lot more to getting in “enough” playing than just sitting down for a practice session. The typical recommendation from the ever-popular Farkas book is that you need to get in 3 hours of practice per […]

When NOT to Practice

It's early October, 2019. The newest macOS and iOS updates are out. Thinking about updating? READ THIS!

MacOS/iOS Updates

If you’ve watched just about any sport, you’re certainly familiar with athlete’s and their love of rituals. But, it turns out that even arbitrary or even silly rituals can have a meaningful impact on your performance and reduce anxiety. The important thing is not necessarily what you do, but what […]

Pre-Performance Rituals

A new resource is available for horn players from John Ericson, horn professor at Arizona State University. According to John’s description on his Horn Notes Edition page: A practical collection of inventive scale and arpeggio exercises to develop technique and intonation, carefully selected from the classic horn method books of […]

New Horn Studies from John Ericson

If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few months, you’ve probably heard about a large number of data breaches that have been happening recently. The website HaveIBeenPwned is a great resource that lets a visitor put in an email address and see whether or not that email […]

Monitor Password Breaches with Firefox Monitor