There’s been lots of pretty negative news coming out of Facebook over the past few years. I’ve only touched on a couple of things (smartphone privacy, social engineering), but it’s looking more and more like Facebook is either grossly incompetant or a bad actor when it comes to respecting their […]

Facebook: Dumb or Evil?

I have been a Google fan for quite a few years. And while some of their business practices give me pause, I have more trust in Google than similar data-centric companies like Facebook. My fondness for Google has been tempered over the past couple of years by a series of […]

(New) Trust Issues With Google

I don’t think that it comes as any surprise that knowledge of scales and arpeggios is one of the keys to being a well-rounded musician. Knowing scales and arpeggios inside and out will improve almost every aspect of your playing. Intonation, technical facility, interval training, and sightreading are all improved […]

New Page: Extended Scale Exercises

If you’ve been a computer user for any length of time, you’ve run across compressed files. In the old days, you’d have to download a separate program to be able to deal with these compressed files, at least on Windows. Thankfully, current versions of Windows now come with the ability […]

WinRAR Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Users at Risk

“I didn’t have time to practice this week, I had too much to do.” It’s an excuse that everyone who has been teaching for more than 15 minutes has heard. It’s also an excuse that almost everyone who has played an instrument for more than a week has made. But […]

No Time To Practice

One question I get fairly often these days is about the need for a website, especially with the explosion of social and professional media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud. My response is usually pretty simple: Maybe more than ever, if you don’t have a website now, you need one! While […]

Why You (Yes, You) Need A Website