Security on social media is a constant balancing act. Lots of memes, quizzes, or trending topics look harmless, but if the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco has taught us anything about social media’s potential pitfalls, paranoia is a much better (and safer) default attitude to have. The 10-Year Challenge Danger One […]

Social Media Paranoia: The New Normal?

So I’ve really been enjoying using my tablet as a digital music reader. It’s certainly been an adjustment (I’ve written about some of those here), but overall I really have been enjoying it. One recent upgrade that I made was for a relatively small and compact stand/tablet holder setup to […]

Upgrade to Digital Music Reading: New Stand!

Sometimes seems like Facebook is going out of it’s way to be scummy. Love it or hate it, one thing Facebook has been repeatedly great at these past few years is going out of its way to get negative attention. Or, at least is seems that way sometimes. Facebook’s Latest […]

Apple vs. Facebook vs. Privacy (and Google too!)

Intonation. Almost everyone who has played any instrument with flexible intonation has been told that they are out-of-tune. In some of the middle and high school bands I work with, the director will go up and down the rows with a tuner, telling students that they are flat or sharp, […]

How Important Is Intonation? It Depends.

Since I do about half of my work online, the web browser is probably one of the most important programs I use. Indeed, for many people, the web browser is becoming the most important app on their computer. Today, the web browser is almost like a second operating system – […]

The UnGoogleification Continues: A New (To Me) Chrome Alternative

Seth Godin’s blogs and podcasts have been a relatively frequent topic on this blog (and they’ll probably continue to be in the future), but his Akimbo podcast episode from October 10, 2018 really stuck with me. Entitled “You’re It”, this episode has the overarching theme of how the internet has […]

The gate is open. Don’t wait to be chosen

Yo-Yo Ma is one of the most iconic classical musicians of the last 30-plus years. His recordings of the Bach Cello Suites (made in the early 1980’s, the late 1990’s, and in 2017) have shown an incredible ability to capture the musical essence of Bach, and they also serve as […]

Yo-Yo Ma and Doug Yeo on Changes and Choices

It’s been about two years since I became a tad obsessed with trying to be as efficient as possible. In those two years, I’ve done a lot of app jumping, and I’m finally settling into some apps I like. I did a brief overview of some of the apps I […]

My 2019 Productivity Setup