March 2022 WordPress Security News

WordPress security news for March 2022. A security update for WP core, the biggest issue in WP security, GoDaddy’s backdoor, and more!

Reminder: Don’t Sell On Amazon

A recent letter from Congress to the Department of Justice offers a good reminder why sellers of physical products should stay away from Amazon.

February 2022 WordPress Security Updates

February was an active month for WordPress site administrators. If you’re in charge of a WordPress site, make sure that you’re keeping things up-to-date!

A Horn Beauty Contest

A comparison of horns – not for the best sound or easiest playability, but for the best aesthetics.

Using ForScore: Basic and Advanced Tips

A few years ago I wrote about several advanced features of MobileSheets Pro. Since I’ve been using an iPad as my music reader, I’ve discovered a few useful, but hidden features.