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Why UX Matters

After quite a few weeks, I’ve finally finished all my extended scales and arpeggio PDFs! If you’re looking for some variety over the summer, or you need some work in a particular key (or keys), these are great in-depth exercises to really work on your scales. Check them out here.

More Scale and Arpeggio Resources!

If you’ve been following Apple or Mac news for the past several years, then you’re probably aware of the long wait since Apple updated their most powerful computer. However, the long wait is (almost) over, since earlier in June Apple announced the new Mac Pro starting at an eye-watering $7,000 […]

Mac Pro On A (TINY)Budget = RasPro

classical musician performance anxiety
It’s no secret that the increasing development and research into sports psychology has trickled down into the performing arts fields. Books from authors like Don Greene, Timothy Gallwey and Barry Green have brought many aspects of the mental preparation done by elite athletes (and others in high-stress jobs) into the […]

Self-Talk: Criticism vs. Compassion