With the large number of tech stories that have been happening so far this year, I’ve decided that there was too much important topical stuff to only cover one thing per week. To fix that, I’ve decided to do a catch-all article at the end of this month. Depending on […]

February 2020 Tech Round-Up

Learning lots of repertoire is par for the course for most working musicians, whether they are freelancers or members of a full-time ensemble. For lots of students entering the professional music world, though, this a new experience. It’s often a shock from school performances, where you’ll often work for a […]

Lots of music, little time: Organizing Practice

After the exposure of Jumpshot/Avast data collection, Jumpshot closes down.

Jumpshot Bricked

horn hangouts
Stefan Dohr, principal horn of the Berlin Phil, had an interesting tidbit during his recent Horn Hangout.

Stefan’s Big Secret

Lukas-Pinc horn
John Ericson, of HornMatters.com recently visited the shop of Patterson Hornworks in Las Crusces, New Mexico, and posted a short blog article about his visit. If you’ve never been inside the shop of an active brass instrument maker (or good repair shop), this article is worth checking out for the pictures alone. It’s incredible […]

Horn Shops and “Custom” Horns